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How to Authorize NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi Account. When you are prompted to login from Kodi, it will give you a code and tell you to go to the activate.nbcsports.com address. Visit the address, enter any device in to the #2 spot. Fill in your TV service provider and the code that Kodi gave you. Click the Continue button and you’ll be redirected to the TV provider you entered above to enter Télécharger OnLine TV Live : regardez les TV du monde entier à partir d'internet

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NBC Sports Live Extra brings to your iPhone all the sporting action you want right in your device. This app streams many sporting events live like games from the NHL, MLS, Golf, Basketball and many more. You can watch for more than 400 events in your device. Aside from watching sports, you can also view the schedule of games, event replays, preview clips, DVR capabilities and more. 24/08/2013 · The new NBC Sports Premier League schedule for the 2019-20 season has been released, with time and dates for the upcoming matchweeks confirmed and here’s how you can watch it all live on TV in